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pruning a vineyard on big ranch road when they started feeling sick. they brought the labels from chemicals used on neighboring vineyards the night before. other grape growers say the pesticides are commonly used in that area. >> we are in a quarantine area. we are trying to eradicate european grapevine moth. >> the agricultural commission says vineyards are supposed to report over pesticide used. >>> japan's power plants are set to under go stress test. it's in response to the march earthquake and tsunami. it has come under heavy criticism for its poor -- >>> we should find out where the 2018 winter olympic games will be held. the three cities bidding hewn i germany, and south korea. 'young change is considered the front runner. hewnic is trying to become the first city to host a winter and summer olympics and considered a long shot. >>> the perjury trial begins today for roger college mons. he's accused of lying to congress under oath. college mons extrainer claims he injected the record setting pitcher with steroids and human growth hormones. >>> back to sal for traffic. >> tra
is big enough to do some major traffic damage in the area. in other words this is going to be bad thing for the morning commute. again, on the gut lou piniella parkway near the virginia exit there. so we have a crew on the way. right now it's very light because it's early and we don't have a lot of slow traffic but this will become a problem. we don't know exactly how bad it is but our crew is on the way and should be there in just a few moments and we'll let you know. we'll have live pictures as soon as they get there. 4:31 back to the desk. >>> three teenagers are in the hospital this morning following their terrifying ordeal on a secluded marin county beach. they were swept out into the frigid choppy waters off tennessee valley beach yesterday evening. the u.s. coast guard, the california highway patrol, federal park rangers and life guards all raced to the scene, but some good samaritans hiking in the headlands were the first to take action. they immediately came to the rescue after spotting a huge wave knock the two girls and boy into the water. >> we got down there and then the tw
. >>> the trucking company involved in the amtrak crash is now defending its safety record. a big rig driver for the john davis trucking company slammed into an amtrak train killing six people. the company says it's determined to find out why the driver ignored flashing lights and crossing gates. the trucking company said it was not at fault at two previous accidents cited in state safety records. >>> in less than three hours the space shuttle atlantis is scheduled to take off and the crew is walking out to the shuttle right now. i want to take you there live as we are watching the astronauts this morning. unfortunately, weather has been the biggest question though about this launch. 70% chance that the launch will be postponed. nasa is still planning for lift off at 8:26 our time. as you account see again we are looking live at kennedy space center as the astronauts board the shuttle that will take them over to the launch pad. nasa has not said when it will make a final decision on the launch. this is the final mission for a u.s. space shuttle. atlantis is scheduled to spend 12 days in spac
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3